In life there are two kinds of people; those who complain and watch things happen, and those who jump in and make good things happen. In this blog I'll share with you the stories of people in and from Ghana who are changemakers and I hope to inspire you to leave the complainers on the sidelines who cannot see any good thing in Ghana and jump right into the fun and action!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Celebrating the Inspiring Music of Ghana

My friend Raphael inspired this blog post when he posted a link to Samini's new video on the blog's facebook group wall. He got me thinking about how inspiring music from Ghana is - from gospel music to love songs, traditional rhythms and patriotic songs. They make us laugh and cry, fall in love and want to love our country more or dance and forget all our problems in their electrifying rhythms.

Press the play button to enjoy a few songs from Ghana that I find inspiring - the songs are great but some of the music videos could do with some help :)

Music has the power to change the atmosphere in an entire country. I am convinced that the Ghana Peace song composed by the United Artists for Peace was one of the major contributing factors to Ghana's peaceful elections last year. And every time I hear Ephraim Amu's "Yen Ara Asase Ni" sang, I get goosebumps and feel a deep sense of commitment to seeing our country grow and develop.

So this week to celebrate the inspiring music and musicians of Ghana, we are going to do something different and I will need the help of all my readers.

Help Choose The Most Inspiring Ghanaian Song of All Times.
  1. Post up to five Ghanaian songs that you find inspiring in the "comments" section below. (you can post 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 songs) and you can also post anonymously.
  2. Invite your friends to also post songs by sharing a link to this blog post on facebook, twitter or by email - use the share buttons at the beginning and end of the post.
  3. On Friday 7th August, I will compile a list of all the submissions and create a poll.
  4. When the poll is out vote for which song you think best embodies good news and inspiration from Ghana.
  5. The top three songs will win the title "Most Inspiring Ghanaian Songs of all Time" at least according to Good News Ghana blog readers :)
... Let the Fun Begin.

Below is my list of inspiring songs. I have to admit it changes often but at this point in time my top five in no particular order are.
  1. "Yen ara asase ni" by Ephraim Amu (I personally think this should have been Ghana's National Anthem)
  2. "Ghana First, We Love Peace", by the United Ghanaian Artistes for Peace - (This song proved that music can soothe the charged political situation in any country)
  3. "Ye dze biako ye" by Amandzeba Nat Brew (Danceable and inspiring message)
  4. "Telephone Nkomo" by Sloopy Mike Gyamfi (I think its just because I've missed home and many special people and I'm really terrible at staying in touch)
  5. "Ye di nkunim" by Tagoe Sisters (Classic gospel song of hope. I think the deep faith of the people of Ghana is one of the things that helps us to continue to have hope in a better future)


Boakyewaa Glover said...

Okay, so I know K'Naan isn't from Ghana, but i really love his style and this song - T.I.A. (This is Africa).
Here's the link.

Sandra Tsikor said...

Do something- Samini
African Money- Sidney
Obia nye Obia- Sidney
Odo yi Wo He- Lady Prempeh
Obi do wo a do nobi- Kwabena Kwabena

earthkwaque said...

Ok I slacked and didn't really contribute, but I can't believe there's no Kojo Antwi on your list. The poetry and wordplay! The romance! Aah very very inspiring indeed!

Edward: said...

Gh music is growing, and I personally believe with time it will reach a level we all can boast of happily.

The pale observer said...

Great blog Amma - I found you through Esi - she's great!

It's good to see positive posts about Ghana. Some of us can get pessimistic at times and it's good to see the rosy side! So thanks.

Please also visit my little corner of the web - blogging about Ghana from a Canadian's perspective.

Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

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